The Introduction and Map

                                           Welcome to WFHC

“The True Passionate Sphere of World 
 Historical and Legendary Football Greatness
     We effort to discover the valuable evidences, creating the best method of 
      historical rating to implement and conclude the set of the best ever 
in the entire history of the game. 

Establishment : 7 August 2013
Approximated Capacity : 1,350 Pages

WFHC Definition
WFHC historical rating solution is an integration between scientific methodology and social values. The research methodology acts as a tool to standardize the criteria while social values has an essential role to define value of each performance aspect and function. WFHC represents the love of football historical value, having been identified as a semi-opened source of football historical innovation and has always been listening to the reader voice and a large number of the contributed comments has been considered and many of them led to further development.

WFHC Objective

1) To initiate and represent in research and development of football historical rating.
2) To preserve the greatness of football history for the recognition of the next generations.
3) To generate the mutual exchange of useful information, data and idea between football historians and group of interested person to expand the extent of historical knowledge. 

WFHC Policy

1) WFHC has been a non-profit body with spiritual contribution and centralization.  
2) WFHC has been continuously improving and developing to increase its level of objectivity. 
3) WFHC give importance to be a neutral workplace and pay attention in sustaining fairness of rating.
4) WFHC aim to lead the way of positive attitude and vision in football history discussion. 
5) WFHC provides the service for readers in replying the inquiries and soonest responding to the suggestion/requisition in the best way. 

WFHC Mission

WFHC strives for being a sustainable football historical centralization within the chronological extension of the history. We always detect significant point of history to absorb into the system and inscribe on the pages.

WFHC Commitment

I appreciate all WFHC readers, participants, followers and supporters who has been recognized as an indispensable propulsion of the progressive project. I would like to requite supporters in my commitment to perpetually update and develop the football historical work. The frequency of updating players is every half of season and update club/national team ranking at the end of season or tournament. 

Number & Format

WFHC constitution is divided into Body and Branch.

History of WFHC

Recent Important Update (Last 3 months)
Football Club Implementation Project
Quantitative Analysis of World Annual Award of the Century
Positional Ranking of all time national squad improvement

Logo Concept

The central golden sphere is a world map on the ball represent the word “World Football Center”. 
The three orbit encircles the sphere represents the major three affiliated branches surrounding WFHC.
The counterclockwise direction of the orbit lines represents “Historic”


  1. Anonymous1/22/2015

    There are youtube videos with a\just one player plays, all of his touches. That would really make your job easier. There are hundreds of Maradona, Pele, Cruyff, Messi videos. Just search for example: maradona vs river plate 1981 and that's it.

    1. Ok, Thanks but I think I would finish scorecard of all players in Positional Hall of Fame before creating Video to prevent too many revisions in Video.

    2. Anonymous1/22/2015

      I meant as general help with any evaluation, so you don't have to watch all 90 minutes. You get all important in 6 or 8 minutes.

  2. Anonymous2/28/2015

    What do you mean by "WFHC Reliability Index Determination"?

    1. Index measures percent of reliability of works based on following items ;

      1 ) Identification of Level of evidences and determine its amount which are applied to the systems.
      2) Amount of Implementation/Comparison Technique (In example, there are more than 900 legends profile in international legendary museum would not be implemented as it is too many for me to manually done and essentially it will be applied comparison technique method.) The implementation would give more reliability value than comparison technique.
      3) Methodological Accuracy Assessment

    2. Anonymous3/01/2015

      Great ideas! Thanks.

  3. Anonymous4/08/2015

    Would it be possible to have a page that lists every time you update any part of the museum? Or, are updates already listed somewhere and I'm not seeing it?

    1. I always inform for important updates in below comment if the methodology is largely changed or a new evidence is implemented. Due to the fact that I have been updated very often times because of methodological developing or checking correctness during implementation and the final implementation is going to complete whereas I expect to get more stable and less frequency of update after then.

  4. Anonymous6/12/2015

    What do you plan to do im video analysis project?

    1. The best ever by specific skill and the highest peak performers ever.

    2. Anonymous7/27/2015

      You plan to make a video of those stuff or just to analyse?

    3. The analysis will surely be made as it is one of the compulsory parts of my work.

    4. Anonymous7/27/2015

      But you won't make your own videos?

    5. I'll make it also. The video is needed for analysis.

    6. Anonymous7/27/2015

      FANTASTIC! I can't wait!

    7. Anonymous7/14/2016

      When will this be done?

    8. Thanks for asking. The skill analysis project had to be postponed due to the delay of club implementation. Now I set to restart skill project in September and would spend at least 4 months to complete. I'll specify progressive status in the thread in the developed step.

  5. Anonymous8/29/2015

    I can't enter in the "Positional Hall of Fame" section properly. When I try to enter, the page says "The request has taken too long".

    1. I know the problem for a while. Now it is already solved as I check and I see it is caused by google's server limitation.

  6. I could not get the page that analyse best players of all time ranking.

    1. Do you mean competition level based greatest ever database ? It has been accessable.

  7. Anonymous12/01/2015

    Have you voted for uefa team of the year?

    1. I never vote for them since I disagree with many points in history of awards.

    2. Anonymous12/01/2015

      If I understood correctly you don't vote because you don't agree with final results? I disagree with a lot of selections too but I still vote so I can change it at least a tiny tiny bit.

    3. It is too many points I disagree and I see it is a poll to survey personal favorite not a serious justice vote.

    4. Anonymous12/02/2015

      But if you did, what would your team be?

    5. I would not have a very reliable question to you since I missed many league games due to my limitation of time. But still, the obvious inevitable choice for seasonal year are Buffon, Ramos, Pogba, Hazard, Robben, Suarez, C.Ronaldo and Messi. I’d prefer Daniel Alves than Branislav Ivanovic in RB position. LB and another CB is now unclear to me.

    6. Anonymous12/03/2015

      Thanks for the answers.

  8. Loved your blog and the information you shared. People who loves sports will simply love your blog. You people can also take help from the latest sport news to maintain your updated information and don't miss any important match or event.

    1. Thanks you for mention so and it is good idea of yours since I need people to support some unknown information.

  9. Anonymous7/04/2016


    I've been following your blog for a long time since I already read your work in Xtratime forums.

    I wanted to know if it was possible to know exactly which pages you update when you update them, because it's a lot of work to look for all of them to try to find a change that sometimes may be very small.


    1. Thanks you for your following. I list the update item (recent important update) in the bottom area of this page with already specifying the revised page. However, I regularly update the ranking/selection of players in every half of season. National team is updated when tournaments was ended and at the end of season for club. When the Euro will be ended, the time of update for players ranking/selection will be arrived.
      Note that I have a very few revision on the blog for months since I’m implementing the club rating project.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

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